Group Profile of WEBPC(tm)

Web & PC Services Pty Ltd t/as WEBPC was established in 1998 to provide small to medium enterprises with support, advice and solutions. Assisting businesses to utilise the Internet/World Wide Web and related technologies in the day to day operations, and assistance with the implementation of strategic IT planning.

As the company developed and grew WEBPC focused on the Internet and the opportunities that the medium provided to our client base and market segment.  Our approach is one of common sense and good business practices.  We know, not all businesses will benefit from a web site, but that is only a small part of what the Internet can offer!

Our straight forward approach has meant that we are not everyone's solution.  It has though, provided benefits. One of which is that we have a client retention that a lot of big business would die for!

In June 2002 WEBPC LLC was incorporated in New Jersey, USA in response to requests for our services.  The original founder of WEBPC is currently spearheading the US operations.  Our US base, located in Bedminster is within comfortable reach of New York and Philadelphia.

WEBPC provides a growing range of services including hosting solutions for web sites, company email and DNS, Portal web sites (using the same engine as this one), monitoring services for Internet services, live sales/support for visitors to your web site and more.

We can help in the formulating of IT policies to implement in your growing business and IT growth plans.

Over the years we have used both good and bad software solutions. We bring this experience to our clients so they don't need to run through the extended testing process.

Despite the expansion of WEBPC the original principles are still applied in our operations.  We remain focused on providing services tailored to our clients needs and providing a common sense solution.  We utilize the contacts and friends we have made since our inception to continue to provide these solutions.

Most importantly, WEBPC is still a Small business and we still face a lot of the same issues which you our client base do.