Domain Overview

A domain name is your address for the internet. It allows you to have a web site and email addresses branded with your own business or organisation name. Originally, the domains ended in com, net, org, edu and mil. Nowadays, these have expanded to include Country specific versions as well as new endings such as .biz (business), .ws (website), .info (information), .name (for individuals) and the latest .job (employment).

When selecting a domain name you should ensure that it matches your business or organisation name, but make sure you know how the domain name could be read, click here for some examples. This could be the full name, trademark or acronym. If you are only operating within a single country then you should consider a country specific domain. You are not restricted to a single domain name, so if you operate in multiple countries then consider registering both country specific as well as more generic ones. The same goes with protecting your trademarks.

Domain names cannot contain spaces so the options are to concanate the name into one string of characters or replace the space with either a hyphen (-) or underscore (_). The thing to remember is that many people are used to typing a concanated name rather than one using a hyphen or underscore. Also using an underscore when printed on business cards can 'disappear'.

One thing to be aware of is that you do not 'buy' a domain name, you only 'license' it for a specified period. The license terms also vary between the types, some like say the registrant must have a registered business name that operates in Australia. Others like .com can be licensed by anyone.

There is a world Wide body called the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) which overseas the various domains.  There is a lot of information on the ICANN website, some of which pretty 'geeky'.  However, there are two areas in particular that are beneficial to people wanting to register a domain.  These are the Registrants' Benefits and Responsibilities page and the Registrant Educational Materials page.

WEBPC can provide registration and domain management services as a reseller of some leading registrars for the the leading domain types at very competitive rates. This has the added benefit that we can also monitor expiry dates to ensure your domain doesn't lapse because a renewal notice goes missing.

Even if you have already registered a domain name you can still transfer it into one of our accounts before the renewal date and gain the benefit of our monitoring as well as great pricing.