Hosting Services
WEBPC Hosting Overview

One way WEBPC(TM) can help get you on the web is by providing access to your own virtual server.

When you are looking for a host for your Web Site you want to know that your site is going to be available for the maximum amount of time. You also want the hardware that will be serving up your site to do it quickly. This is what our servers will provide. Using some of the latest equipment available.

These servers are not housed with some ISP where the people trying to get into your site have to fight against those surfers trying to get out. They are housed in professionally designed and maintained data centers with multiple connections to the Internet back bone, back up Generators for continous power supply and 24 hour engineers on site to handle any hardware issues.

Whilst WEBPC(TM) is not as big as some other hosting companies, we do not share the servers with others like a lot of the other smaller hosting companies.  These others are basically resellers who do serve up packages defined by wholesalers.  In contrast the WEBPC(TM) servers are under the direct control of WEBPC(TM) staff, we decide the packages we offer, we decide what software is installed, we decide how many sites to host on the one server.  This means that if a standard package doesn't fit we can tailor one for our client's needs, if you are a small business this is rare.

The WEBPC(TM) servers are also geographically dispersed which means should bottlenecks occur on the Internet or one data center have a rare outage email and DNS will still operate.  We also monitor the servers status from various locations so action can be taken immediately to rectify any outages.