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WEBPC Website Hosting Services
WEBPC's web site hosting services range from the single page site through to a fully interactive web site. Tell us what you want and we will put together a solution for your needs.

The majority of the smaller web hosts buy packages from a wholesaler and resell these to thier clients. They don't control the number of sites hosted on a single box or what other resellers might put on the same box. The wholesaler is trying to maximise thier investment, which means get as many site on the server as possible. The end result is that the responsiveness of the sites can suffer. We know this from experience. When we first started offering hosting we resold packages from various hosts. It soon became apparent, the only way to provide the service we want to our clients, was to invest in servers where we fully control the server and how many sites each holds.

Nowadays, all the sites we host are on servers we have full administrative access to. Whilst other hosters could have thousands of sites on each server, we only have about 100. All high traffic sites we put on thier own individual server so they don't impact our other clients who are still building thier traffic.

We don't market the amount data traffic as a primary selling feature. What use is 100's of gigabytes of traffic if you only use less than 1 (which most small/ medium business sites do). We use a pricing model that prices an overall package for our client's requirements.

The majority of web site hosting packages include FTP access to move the content of the site to the server. Wheras most hosting companies only offer the standard unsecured FTP connections, WEBPC also provides the ability of an SSL/TLS encrypted connection resulting in increased security for the data transferred.

WEBPC works with your web site developer or if you want we have relationships with developers who can create the site and we can manage the process for you.